Killing Bed Bugs in the Indian Hotel My Experience and the Most Effective Remedy That Helped Me

When I travelled to India I stayed in different hotels. In one of them in the room lived a horrible bed bugs. I’ve been looking for a way to get rid of them and that’s what happened!

I did not realize we had bed bugs until my child started itching and complaining about small red spots on the skin. I checked the mattress and found several insects. Happily, they didn’t invade my bedroom, and I started acting before they managed to get there.

I searched for some effective and organic remedies on Amazon, and found Eco Raider spray. It is very simple in use: applied on any bed surface, and should not be cleaned up. It worked pretty well – my child was beaten much less. But in a week he started complaining about headaches, and I learnt that despite organic remedies don’t contain chemicals; they are full of natural ingredients that may cause allergy. We had to cease using this spray, of course.

What I used

In search of something safer I found how to get rid of bed bugs on site together with good homemade remedies. I tried several of them, and what really helped was diatomaceous earth. I spread it by thin layer around the bed, under the mattress and on bed walls. I checked the mattress and got it cleaned fully with all the seams. I changed diatomaceous earth every week, and also put sachets with dried peppermint, lavender and rosemary around the house. While fighting the infestation, my child was sleeping in my bedroom. In a month or so, the bugs finally disappeared.

Forgot to mention that while we kept fighting with the pests, I did my best to keep the house clean: vacuumed the floor, washed bed clothing properly in very hot water, and removed all dirt and dust. It is very important to ensure that bed bugs have nowhere to hide, and to make hostile conditions for them. Since we managed to kill them, they haven’t appeared again for several months, so we live happily ever after.

My impressions from the trip to India

I am reminded of a phenomenon that the media have observed here in India – that of professional refugees. India is a largish piece of real estate that is prone to all sorts of natural disasters. In fact, because political greed eats into a large chunk of funds allotted to technological safeguards, it is prone to man-made disasters as well. Fairly spectacular shit hits the fan every now and then – tsunamis, earthquakes, gas leaks, communal riots, you name it, we have it on our calendar this year. Of course, whatever Government happens to be top dog at these times announces that it is dispensing relief to the victims.

State and law

Well, certain reporters have noted the fact that the many familiar faces seem to turn up at each disaster site, just in time to lap up the Government goodies. These are professional refugees who keep track of such events and make sure they’re there to stand up and be counted.

What has that got to do with our relationship victims, you ask? Plenty. There’s a payoff for being a doomed love martyr – you get to wallow in loads of self-pity, can absolve yourself of many of the activities of daily living because you are ‘depressed’, and have a ready catchment of like-minded wet ends who will gladly sit down to wail with you that all men are bastards / all women are bitches.

Vulcanmind is one of us, but he doesn’t see much point in confessing to that fact. Forever amazed at the human condition, yet never despairing – it sure makes for an interesting case study…